Manufacturing process

How we print your FloorPromotion™ carpets

Our manufacturing process is here illustrated with pictures from the printing and delivery of an event carpet for the Toy Story 3 movie premiere. In this project, we were faced with the challenge to make perfect pattern fitting of small lego blocks on a 50 meter long carpet.

1. Preparations

All artworks are examined by our design office, where they are adapted and color optimized to achieve best possible printing result on each carpet quality. The files are then ripped and converted to a format that can be interpreted by the custom built ChromoJet® machine.

Meanwhile, the printing staff go through every project and plan the production accordingly.

2. Printing

The ChromoJet® machine is loaded with the right carpet quality and the printing process commences. First, the carpet passes a compensator that ensures the carpet has the right tension during the whole process. This is crucial in order to keep the pattern fitting as exact possible. Thereafter, the carpet passes the 4 sqm large print head where the dyes are injected. After this section, the carpet moves into the steam tunnel where the colors are heated to the boiling point and fixated to the carpet fibers. Finally, redundant dye is washed off and the carpet is dried in an air tunnel. The entire process takes place in a closed system, where e.g. all water is recycled and reused.

3. After treatment

Again, the carpet is stretched in a computer controlled compensator, after which they are automatically cut with perfect pattern fitting. The carpets are rolled up and labelled to simplify the installation as much as possible.


When producing smaller sizes, these are cut out from the carpet roll in a separate process. After cutting, the edges are finished with yarn using a robotized overlocking machine.

4. Quality control and distribution

Several quality checkpoints are passed throughout the manufacturing process. For larger projects, we also make a test installation at the factory prior to shipping.


Finally, the carpets are packed and prepared for shipping. In some cases, customers request drop shipment, e.g. when carpets are going to many different destinations. They can then be individually wrapped, packed and shipped with the customer's own packing slips and labels.

Pick-up is made daily for further distribution to any part of Europe.

5. Installation and premiere

Everything is prepared at the factory making the installation both quickly and easily performed with a minimum of joins. The result is a successful event with maximum attention, both from spectators and the media!

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