Printing technology

The heart of the FloorPromotion™ production

We use a specially ordered digital ChromoJet® system from Zimmer in Austria - so far the only machine of its kind in the entire world. This is the first carpet printer which can print both process colours and spot colours in brilliant shades and with a high contrast. It is also the only machine that can print 76 dpi with a deep dye, which sets a whole new standard for details on carpets.

The jewel of our crown - the FloorPromotion™ printer

ChromoJet® HD Printer, 49 meters long, built on-site in Deinze, Belgium, in 2008, and upgraded in 2011. It runs with 14 process colors, at 76 dpi resolution, 2.2 meter printing width and with a capacity of more than 60,000 sqm per shift and month.

ChromoJet® - The technology

ChromoJet® is radically different from other carpet printing technologies since there is no need for a transfer media, e.g. silk screens, offset plates or thermal papers. Nor are there any limitations when it comes to pattern repetition, making ChromoJet® the by far most cost efficient alternative for shorter runs.
The perfect balance between electronics, mechanics, and chemistry results in a print with high resolution, a large colorscope and a high contrast. The colors even exceed the best tufted and woven carpets, and the resolution is today at a higher level than that of screen printed heavier textiles.

Colors are mixed in the machine and then pressurized with up to 3 bar through a large number of jets, mounted on a print head which runs over the carpet. Computer controlled high velocity valves are opened and shut up to 1000 times per second, injecting the colours with surgical precision deep into the carpet without any machine parts touching the textile. This guarantees maximum color penetration, and it is this deep dye that creates the amazing luster and high contrast, which can only be experienced in a ChromoJet® printed carpet.

Vibrant and sustainable colors

All colors we use are environmentally friendly acid dyes. Apart from the low impact on the environment, they present an excellent fastness against light, physical wear and washing. The colors are fully fixed to the textile fibers - identical to any industrial carpet.


The resolution at which we print is slightly above the one used for magazines and the graphics used on the Internet, e.g. this web site.
A resolution as high as 76 dpi allows for a very high level of detail, a full 8 megapixels per square meter, which is quite unbelievable for a textile carpet, which in many ways can be called a 'live' material.
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