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When you have uploaded your files, you will receive a print proof from us. This must be approved before we start manufacturing your mat/carpet.


You can upload more than one file to make it easier for us to understand how you want your mat/carpet. E.g. as a supplement to the graphic file, you can add colour maps, floorplans, measurements, or pictures of the area where the mats/carpets shall be located.


Currently, only the linked products are available for online uploading:


Upload forms

Contour HD™ (entrance mat, high resolution)
Contour OPTIC™ (entrance mat for rental operations)
FloorPromotion™ (carpets and mats for exhibitions, events and POS)
PXL Carpets® (carpets and tiles for interior decoration)
ViewPoint™ (advertising/promotion mat)
StandPoint™ (advertising/promotion mat)
PinPoint™ (advertising/promotion mat)

Driver™ (car mat) 


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