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Compound: Aluminum/Natural rubber (NR).

Construction: Open, riveted.

Pattern: Wave shaped rubber.

Resistant to most oils and chemicals.

Adapted to floor well.

Optional recess frames are available.

Weight 28 mm: 10.0 kg/sqm

Weight 22 mm: 9.0 kg/sqm

Weight 18 mm: 8.0 kg/sqm

Reinforced PLUS: +0.4 kg/sqm

Temperature testing

-35°C - +70°C

Cleaning: Hose down matting, sweep/vacuum underneath.


All parts of the mat are recyclable.

Manufactured according to ISO 9001.

Powerful scraper mat


DoubleWell™ is a scraping grid and scraper mat in a combined unit. Its name comes from being similar on both sides which enables it to be turned and reused, giving it twice as long life span!


This well-known design is optimised for installation into floor wells where it serves as a primary entrance mat in high traffic areas such as shops, offices, schools and other types of public buildings..


It is available in several heights (18/22/28 mm) and fits into most floor wells. DoubleWell™ is also available in a reinforced PLUS version withstanding passage with shopping trolleys.


We deliver DoubleWell™ ready-built according to custom measurements, making installation both fast and easy. Supplement with a recess frame when projecting the entrance.

Size (Standard)

Made according to measurements, available heights 18/22/28 mm.

Size (PLUS)

Reinforced version is made according to measurements, available heights 18/22/28 mm. 


Aluminum with black rubber.


Recess frame 30 mm (for 28 mm mats)

Recess frame 25 mm (for 22 mm mats)

Recess frame 20 mm (for 18 mm mats)

Ramp 20 mm (for 18 mm mats)

Open and waved construction

The wave shaped rubber curves spring back and forth when pressure of the feet is applied/released when walking over the mat. This process efficiently removes dirt, sand and moist without having to perform scraping movements of the feet. Scraped off debris fall through the rubber curves and stay hidden underneath. Therefore, the DoubleWell™ mat looks tidy and keeps its scraping effect for a very long time.

Easy installation, easy maintenance

DoubleWell™ is suited both for indoor and outdoor use. Installation is done in a floor recess. For optimal function, calculate that each foot can take three steps on the mat in order to reach optimal function.

Due to its open construction, no weight is added to the mat by the collected dirt and moist. When cleaning, simply roll up your DoubleWell™ mat and put it back into the floor well after the surface has been tidied.
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