Jaguar® Original JAG
Jaguar® Original
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Compound: Vinyl (PVC)/Nitrile rubber (NBR), UV-resistant.

Construction: Open, injection moulded.

Pattern: Clamshell shaped drainage holes.

Resistant to most oils and chemicals.

Straight cut.

Optional bevelled ramps are available.

Weight 25 mm: 11.3 kg/sqm

Weight 20 mm: 9.0 kg/sqm

Weight 16 mm: 7.1 kg/sqm

Weight 12 mm: 4.9 kg/sqm

Temperature testing

-35°C - +70°C

Fire testing
B1 (DIN 4102-1)


Cleaning: Hose down matting, sweep/vacuum underneath.


Ecocycle production where production residue is recycled into new products.

Free from DOP.

Manufactured according to ISO 14001.

A solid construction


Jaguar® is the markets best selling interlocking modular matting thanks to its exceptional performance, easy installation and great affordability. It is a heavy duty primary entrance mat for all high and extreme traffic conditions including airports, railway and subway stations, shopping centres, public buildings and apartment estates.


The tiles are made in several heights (12/16/20/25 mm), fitting most recessed entrances. We deliver Jaguar® either in boxes or ready-built according to customer measurements, making installation both fast and easy.


40x10 cm (module)

Custom sizes

Made according to measurements.


Plastic ramp 12 mm x 40 cm

ABS ramp 16 mm x 300 cm

ALU ramp 16 mm x 300 cm

ALU ramp 20 mm x 300 cm

Anchors 12, 16, 20 mm


Dark Grey, Black (stocked, 25 mm only in Dark Grey)
Grey, Terracotta, Blue, Green (made to order)

Open construction

The non-slip open grid construction efficiently removes dirt, sand, grime and snow from both shoes and trolleys while letting debris fall through and stay hidden underneath. it also also an exceptional drainage function; it allows water to pass through the mat and flow away, providing a safe and dry surface and reducing slip hazards. A Jaguar® matting keeps its scraping effect a very long time without looking untidy.

Easy installation and pain-free maintenance

Jaguar® is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Installation is normally made in a floor recess, but it also works well on top of the floor if secured with bevelled ramps. The life time is very long, and we offer a 5-year warranty on the product.

Due to its lightweight construction, Jaguar® is very easy to roll up, which facilitates cleaning underneath the mat.
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