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Quality category

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Compound (BAS): Natural rubber (NR) 

Compound (GR, FR, AB, GSII): Nitrile rubber (NBR)

Compound (BFR): EPDM rubber

Construction: Open, compression moulded.

Ergonomic properties
Thickness: 19 mm

Hardness: 55-68 Shore A

Compression-Deflection (1.4 kg/cm2): 0.37 cm

Compression-Deflection (2.8 kg/cm2): 0.53 cm

BAS: 12.0 kg/sqm

Others: 14.5 kg/sqm

Fire testing

All: Approved (ASTM 2859)

FR and GSII: Bfl-S1 (DIN 13501-1)

Slip testing
BAS: 0,71 SCOF (ASTM C1028-96)

GSII: 0,86 SCOF (ASTM C1028-96)

Others: 0.75-0.83 SCOF (ASTM C1028-96)

Microbiological testing

Resistance to Bacteria: Approved (ASTM G22)

Resistance to Fungi: Approved (ASTM G21-96)


Cleaning: Hose off with water jet using mild detergent.


Recyclable product.

Free from Silicone, DOP and DMF.

Complies with REACH standard.

Open modular mat with many configurations

Cushion-Ease™ Open is a high performance modular matting system that comes in several versions. The system is designed for tough usage and a long service life in both dry and wet areas. The holes allow for excellent drainage and aeration, leaving a dry, clean work area.

The mat has superb anti-fatigue properties due to its unique design underneath and high quality resilient rubber compounds.

All versions are resistant to most chemicals and extreme temperatures. Being free from silicone, the mats are safe for vehicle painting facilities.

This interlocking mat allows on-site customization. Square snap together units of 91x91 cm can be assembled effortless and laid out from wall to wall or as islands in any direction or shape.


91x91 cm (module)

Custom size

Manufactured according to measurements.


Ramp 91 cm (female)

Ramp 91 cm (male)

Ramp 152 cm (male)

Six versions with different properties

BAS - For general purpose usage in wet or dry areas.
+GR FR - For dry/greasy industrial and welding areas.
+GR FR BFR - För greasy/oily industrial areas.
+GR (Red) - For wet/greasy/oily areas in food service, restaurant kitchens.
+GR FR AB - For wet/greasy/oily areas in food industry, food service.
+GR FR GSII - Dry/wet/greasy industry areas with excessive spill, welding areas.


GR    Oil and grease resistant
FR     Fire rated (Bfl-S1)
BFR   Break fluid resistant
AB     Anti-bacterial
GSII   Slip proof with Grip Step II®

Easy to mount ramp system

Using the clever and patented Cushion Ramp System™, it is both fast and easy to mount bevels for increased safety. The ramps can be fitted on both inner and outer corners.
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