Switchboard Matâ„¢

Art.no.: SWM
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Compound: Vinyl (PVC)

Construction: Solid, calendered.

Pattern: Lengthwise corrugated ribs.

Ergonomic properties
Thickness: 6.4 mm

Hardness: 91 Shore A

8.4 kg/sqm

Fire testing

Approved (ASTM D2859)

Combustion time: 4 min (ASTM D178)

Electricity testing
Electrical proof: Approved (ASTM D178-01, 20.000 V under 1 min)

Dielectric strenght: Approved (ASTM D149, 30.000 V)

Electrical Resistance - IBM: Rg 6,6x109 Ω (ASTM F-150, 100 V in 50% humidity)

Recommended maximum usage: 17.000 Volts.


Cleaning: Sweep clean.

Replacement: Every 12 months for optimum safety.

Replacement at damage: Immediately.


Recyclable product.

Free from DOP and DMF.

Complies with REACH standard.

Insulating and non-conductive


Switch Mat™ is an insulating matting which prevents workers from being grounded, and provides safety in case of electrical shock. Only for use in dry areas.


Made from a special non-conductive PVC-compound. The top surface with corrugated rib pattern enhances traction and is easy to sweep clean. The underside has fabric impression.


Each square inch of matting is tested in conformance with ANSI/ASTM D-178 specifications. 


Since the matting insulated against grounding, it must be replaced at least once per year in order to maintain optimal function and safety.


91x150 cm


91x2280 cm

Custom lengths

91 cm

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