The flagship among printed carpets

FloorPromotion™ is a carpet concept especially developed for events, exhibitions and interior decoration. Using the next generation digital carpet printing technology, we offer truly creative carpeting solutions living up to the five most important demands put forward by our customers in the aforementioned fields:

1. Excellent print quality

We are using the world’s first and only Chromojet® machine to fully penetrate carpets with an amazing 76 dpi resolution in full colors. This enables printing of any logo, design or photograph in fantastic shades and colour depth.

2. Low volumes
Our process allows delivery from as little as 2 sqm, making us absolutely unique in the carpet business, where you normally start at 100-250 sqm for a unique design.
3. Fast lead times
We deliver to any European destination in 6-12 working days, which particularly appeals to the advertising, event and exhibition industries where fast decisions and tight deadlines are an every day reality. 
4. Easy installations
Our technology minimizes the number of joins between carpet rolls, simplifying installations and enhancing appearance. All carpets are delivered ready cut and pattern fitted so: just roll out and go!
5. Fire classification
All our carpets reach the highest classification in fire testing, and our carpet qualities aimed at the contract business also score top results in wear tests, making them suitable for use in public buildings. All carpets have certificates issued by independent laboratories.
All together, these five advantages enable both small and large businesses and organisations to take advantage of the FloorPromotion™ concept. Via the links on the top right you can find a lot of inspiration as well as read more about how FloorPromotion™ can contribute to your floors.

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