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Quick guide to the right anti-fatigue mat or safety mat

When there is not enough time to read all specifications carefully, our pictograms are of great help. They give you a quick understanding of the most important properties of a mat or carpet. Below you find easy to read explanations of each symbol.

Basic features


Matting that alleviates foot pressure, stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce stress on the lower back, leg joints and major muscle groups.


Matting designed to provide insulation agains cold, heat, vibrations and noise.


Matting designed to provide added traction through friction materials and aggressive surface patterns and textures.

Fall protection

Matting reducing risk of breakage of objects and materials while protecting floors from falling items.

Special properties


Open construction matting allowing liquids and debris to pass through, providing secure footing in wet environments.

Welding proof

Made of durable rubber compounds withstanding sparks and solders, these mats can be used in areas where welding takes place.

Oil/grease proof or resistant (organic)

Matting that is suitable for use in contact with vegetable oils and animal fats in the food processing industry.

Clean room safe

Matting suitable for use in airlocks or inside clean rooms with highest requirements for microbial and/or particle control.


Matting formulated to prevent growth of microbial organisms such as bacteria, mould and fungi.

Freeze resistant

Material that withstands freezing temperatures. For constant temperatures under -20° C, the Deep Freeze™ (art. DFZ) mat is recommended.

RedStop™ anti-slide

Unique extreme friction coating which virtually eliminates the slipping and sliding of mats. Produced by recycled glue free materials. Available on all ErgoStep™ mats.

Fire rated

Matting designed to withstand heat and resist the spread of fire. Tested and certified by independent laboratories.

Oil/grease proof or resistant (synthetic)

Matting suitable for use in contact with oils in industrial applications.

Chemical resistant

Withstands contact with several chemicals used in industrial applications. See detaied chemical resistance chart for each product.

MicroStop™ anti-microbial

Uniquely formulated rubber compund without silver ions and other heavy metals, inhibiting growth of micro organisms that can cause odor, stains and product deterioration.

Superior environmental choice

Matting which is both recyclable as well as produced from fully or partly recycled materials without any presence of substances hazardous to environment or health.

Electrical safety


Matting specially formulated to provide insulation to protect workers in case of electrical shock.


Equipment and accessories for provision of ground paths to bring ESD protective materials and personnel to the same electrical potential.

Electrostatic dissipative (ESD)

Matting formulated to absorb static electricity. Avoids unpleasant static shock and safeguards sensitive equipment.

Care recommendations

High pressure jet cleaning

Suitable for cleaning with (hot) high pressure water jet with mild detergent.

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