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Quick guide to selecting the right printed carpet

When there is not enough time to read all specifications carefully, our pictograms are of great help. They give you a quick understanding of the most important properties of a mat or carpet. Below you find easy to read explanations of each symbol.

Traffic and durability

High traffic (+1000 passages/day)

Matting constructed to endure the tough conditions in large public/commercial buildings, and whose materials have a long life span even at hard usage.

Low traffic (0-250 passages/day)

Matting intended for smaller entrances or areas with lower throughput of walking traffic. Its longevity is often good also at medium-hard usage.

Medium traffic (250-1000 passages/day)

Matting optimised for use in public areas in medium traffic premises, and whose life span is long even at relatively hard usage.

Contract graded

Carpeting fulfilling the high standards required by architects for permanent installation in public/commercial buildings, most often relating to wearing, performance and good design.

Textile construction

High-twist / Frieze

A cut pile which is tufted with twisted and heatset yarns. In addition to its luxurious appearance, it also has excellent wearing and dirt absorption properties.

Level Loop

Needle punched or tightly tufted pile with uncut loops. Sometimes yarns of different types and thicknesses are mixed. Often used for permanent installations in commercial buildings.

Velour / Plusch

A cut pile which is tightly tufted with straight or lightly twisted yarn. It has a formal look with exclusive feel and provides great definition when printed.

Backing material


A mesh of woven polypropylene laminated to the carpet using floating latex. Appreciated by professional carpet installers since the carpet is both stretchable and gluable.

Nitrile rubber

Has very good tensile strenght, endures great temperature changes, and is resistant to oils, waste water and most acids and chemicals. Used on mats withstanding industrial laundry.


Collective term for the synthetic polymer PVC, which is both flexible and dimensionally stable, but sensitive to temperatures and grows stiff when cold. Make sure it is non-phtalate.


A foamed type of synthetic latex, mostly made from urethane. Demonstrates good dimensional stability and slip resistance when designed with non-slip patterns.


Single border

These mats have vinyl or rubber borders on all sides. Optional on some products which may instead be delivered with just a plain cut edge.

Reinforced border

Dual layers of rubber along the edges prevent rippling and help the mat lay flat, minimizing tripping risk as well as increasing the life span of the mat.

Reinforced border with extra bead

In addition to dual layers of rubber along the edges, rubber beads act as tuft lock. This patented solution provides a sharp textile edge while minimizing risk of delamination.

Edge stitching

Overlocking the edges with yarn strengthens the mat and gives it a more exclusive look. The yarn, often made from PP, is normally color matched to the mat's dominant color.

Edge ribbon

A thick textile ribbon is folded over the edges of the mat and fixated with a straight seam. Protects edges from husking and provides a more robust impression.

Printing and Special properties


Stated in the number of dpi (dots per inch) in which the mat is printed. E.g. 76 dpi means that each printed pixel is 0.33 mm in diameter.

Deep dye

Carpet printing process where the dyes go all the way to the bottom of the carpet, resulting in great brilliance and deep contrasts while making the print less sensitive to wearing.

Indefinite number of colors

Carpet printing process that does not limit the number of colors that can be used in an artwork.

Fire rated

Matting designed to withstand heat and resist the spread of fire. Tested and certified by independent laboratories.

Office chair proof

Carpets with high crush resistance, withstanding the high point pressure arising under the wheels of an office chair that a person is sitting on.

Superior environmental choice

Matting which is both recyclable as well as produced from fully or partly recycled materials without any presence of substances hazardous to environment or health.

Care recommendations

Industrial laundry

Mats intended for commercial use, e.g. by mat rental operations. Withstands the extreme stress arising in large industrial washing machines.

Hose cleaning

Non-textile matting that is hosed of with either a high pressure jet or regular garden hose (stated on each product).

Extraction cleaning

Carpets withstanding the use of special carpet cleaning machines and detergents, e.g. steam vacs / carpet shampoo.

Industrial tumble dryer

Mats intended for commercial use, e.g. by mat rental operations. Withstands the high entry temperatures of air in large industrial tumble dryers.

Domestic laundry

Mats intended for consumers or lighter commercial use. These are often made by lighter materials and are normally coming in smaller sizes.

Hand wash

Mats that must be hand washed using a mild detergent. These mats can either drip-dry or evaporate laying flat.


Carpets that may be cleaned with professional or domestic vacuum cleaners. Often these mats are treated with a dirt repelling coating, which facilitates dust removal.

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