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Upper side
Fiber: Nylon 6 (PA)

Construction: Loop pile, tufted.

Compound: Gelfoam.

Pattern: Waffle design.

Stitching or ribbon.


Pile weight: 270 grs/sqm

Total weight: 1200 grs/sqm

Pile height: 3 mm

Total height: 5 mm

Technology: Screen printing

Resolution: 75-100 dpi

No of colors: Up to 8 simultaneous.

Color space: Pantone (PMS)


Washing: Hand wash with mild detergent.

Drying: Evaporation.


Recyclable product.

The most cost efficient POS mat


PinPoint™ is perfect for brand poromotion and point of sale.


It has a low and dense pile, rendering a nice reprocuction of the printed message. The gelfoam backing offers friction reducing movement on the floor. Stitched or ribboned edges offers a snazzy finish.


A special carpet screen printing machine gives unparallelled scale advantages when printing large volumes which lowers the price per piece dramatically. At the sime time we offer minimum quantities as low as 100 pcs. The definition is razor sharp and up to 8 colors, freely chosen from the Pantone color space, can be printed simultaneously.


A large number of standard sizes and shapes provides you with many opportunities to create exactly the right campaign.

Sizes, rectangle

40x60 cm

50x70 cm

50x80 cm

50x120 cm

60x90 cm

75x100 cm

80x120 cm

100x150 cm


Sizes, square

40x40 cm

50x50 cm

60x60 cm

80x80 cm

Sizes, half circle

Ø65 cm

Ø75 cm


Sizes, circle

Ø46 cm

Ø60 cm

Ø80 cm

Ø100 cm 


Sizes, oval

60x84 cm

60x100 cm


Max size 100x150 cm 

Special shapes are possible.

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