Three zones, three functions

4½ meter carpet allows each foot to make
contact with the matting at least 3 times.

4½ meter of matting is required to remove
the majority of dirt and moisture from foot
and wheel traffic.
4½ meters can be divided in 3 mats,
each with a minimum lenght of 150 cm.

1. Scrape zone

Here the first wave of heavy debris, e.g. pebbles and grit, is caught. Up to 40% of dirt and moisture is removed from shoes in the fist 1,5 meters. These mats are either placed in a floor well or freely, either outdoor or just inside the entrance.


For this purpose you should select a tough scraper mat, e.g. a custom built Jaguar® or Silver™ flooring, or either of the robust Rub-Scrape™ rubber mats.

2. Scrape/wipe zone

In the second zone, the mat both scrapes off fine debris such as sand and dust, and absorbs a lot of moisture. Up to 70% of all dust and moisture has disappeared from shoes after the two first matting zones.


Here you should use mats whose piles consist of both hard and soft fibers, e.g. Boulevard, Aqva-Trap or Poly-Trap, all of which are available in many sizes and colors.

3. Wipe zone

The third, and last, matting zone completes the drying process by wiping off the remaining moisture and dust particles from shoes and cart wheels. About 99% of all grit, dust and moisture is caught in the mats after 4,5 meters of scraping and wiping.


In this last part you should select mats with high liquid absorbing properties, e.g. Dirt Master, Uptown or printed Contour mats.

Ideas of scraper mats

Examples of combination mats

Suggestions of wipe mats

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